What is a White Label?


What is a white Label?White Label and branding are synonymous.

In forex, a white label or private label represents when a trading platform is branded with the logo and contact information of a particular introducing broker.

The white label is obtained through a fully-licensed brokerage firm and it puts the IB's brand in front of its clients at all time.

If you are thinking about becoming a white label, you first need to answer three important questions:

  1. What Forex Broker do I enter into a White Label partnership with?
  2. What trading platform do I choose for my FX clients to trade on?
  3. Should I start my Forex IB business as a full white label or partial white label?

How Good is the White Label Broker?

The answer to the first question is crucial. If the broker manipulates client trades and does not provide a high degree of safety of funds, your white label business will be over pretty quickly. That's why you need to partner with a good brokerage firm that will cater to your specific needs as an introducing broker.

White Label Platform – Why is it So Important?

The white label platform you use will be dictated by the broker you choose on most occasions. Since MT4 (MetaTrader4) is the favorite platform of most FX traders in the market, it is the closest thing to a standard in foreign exchange. As a result, it is a must for any IB that is considering to run their business under a branded structure. Going with a non-MT4 solution is like swimming against the tide.

Full versus Partial White Label

The "full" versus "partial" white label decision will determine important factors, such as initial cost, licensing requirements (if any), setup time, and degree of involvement for the IB in the account setup and client due diligence process. For more information, please visit our white label section.

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