Forex Video – The Un-Professional Forex Trader – Part 2

Check out the video version of the 2nd part of our blog series on Professional Trading: "The Un-Professional Forex Trader – Part 2, Why Not Using Stop Losses in Forex is a BIG Mistake."

This YouTube video demonstrates why forex traders who don't use stops and instead allow open positions to float indefinitely to the downside, don't stand a chance to succeed, let alone make it to the professional level.

The video proves mathematically that as a trader's average loss grows disproportionately large relative to the average win, the percentage of winning trades required to succeed becomes impossibly high. As a result, it is only a matter of time before an undisciplined trader with this profile be disciplined into submission by an unexpected market-moving event ("Black Swan").

Any trader who applies to our FastTrack Program who doesn't limit losses using prudent risk management will be automatically disqualified.

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