Forex Video – The Un-Professional Forex Trader – Part 1

This is the video version of the blog post, "The Un-Professional Forex Trader – Part 1, So You Can't Take a Loss?"

Both beginners and advanced traders can watch this YouTube video to learn what the warning signs are that show a trader has a problem cutting his losses; a very big problem that prevents most novice traders from reaching the Pro Level.

The video also includes an additional, but important, example showing an actual account traded on the MetaTrader 4 platform (request a 60-Day trading demo by clicking here).  The final numbers look exceptional to the untrained eye and are apparently the work of a very skilled trader – when in reality, they conceal a very high level of risk taken by someone with a problem realizing losses.

Moving forward, we will be making a big push to include a wide variety of free videos in this new video category. This will include educational and training videos that are part of our FastTrack Program to incubate traders, as well as currency analysis and forecasts.

For an up to date list of our videos, you can also subscribe to our YouTube Page.

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