Update on Forex, US Stocks & Oil – 10-18-12

Quick Update: EURUSD, EURAUD and EURCAD are retracing, as suggested. See charts for manual projections and forecasts. Global stock markets have broken out to the upside. The ND and SP500 are at or near various resistance levels.

EURAUD: If short the EURAUD for the quick pullback, exit shorts and look to reenter long at the projected chart low range. See Euro-Aussie daily chart below with a complete analysis.

euro aussie daily graph with complete analysis for 10-18-12

EURCAD: Euro-Cad is now in the pullback target area, so look for a breakout to the long side at the breakout point marked on the chart. keep an initial stop loss 22 points below the 2 day low. Move stop to breakeven if we get a thrust bar up at or just after any breakout to the upside. See 240-minute chart below.

eurcad 240 minute chart 10-18-12

USDCAD: Short-term traders should have exited 70% of long positions near the highs, the remaining stopped out at breakeven.  Long-term traders should have stopped out at breakeven.

ACTION: It broke a daily trend-line, so look to sell rallies as long as 60-240 minute trends are heading lower.

EURUSD: See Euro 240-minute chart below with detailed forecast.

euro 4-hour chart for 10-18-12

EURJPY: See 4-hour chart for the Euro-Yen pair below with the complete analysis.

euro-yen chart with analysis for 10-18-12

ND-NASDAQ and SP500: See charts for manual projections and forecasts on these two US stock indexes. They will either stall tomorrow and then pullback, or breakout of the automated trend-lined and begin the next and perhaps final leg up. See daily chart on both indexes below.

sp500 daily chart 10-18-12

nasdaq daily graph 10-18-12

OIL: We are stopped into the short side on crude oil with a close stop and reverse (SAR) to long side pending. If you do get long, consider re-shorting at the prior short breakdown level.

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