Cost of Training

This is probably the most common question that we get about our free training program. Despite our persistent efforts to explain the fact that we provide free, live training sessions and materials, interested traders and investors always inquire about the cost. It is almost as if they were asking, "What is the cost of your free training?" Hmmm?

Fellow trader or trader wannabe, Please listen. In an effort to dispel this uncertainty forever, we would like to inform you that the cost of our training is zero; zilch, nothing, "Nada!" It is true that sometimes this is difficult to believe, especially when many FX courses and seminars in the market are selling for thousands of dollars a pop.

Please understand that we are not in the business of selling expensive education. We want to make your trading experience as rewarding as possible because, as you will read later on, our business model is different and our success depends on it. Please continue reading the answers to other questions in our training FAQ section or go to our "Contact" Section and get in touch with us.