Do I have to trade with Real Money when I Finish the Training?

After you complete your live training, you will be tempted to start trading with real money right away. If you have previously been practicing with a demo account and understand the strategies that you learned in the training perfectly, then there is nothing wrong for you to start trading LIGHTLY a bit sooner (By "lightly," we mean using relatively small lot sizes relative to your account balance. Remember that you are able to trade micro lots on the platform [or 1,000 units] of the underlying base currency. A micro lot has a very small value per pip; for example, a micro lot of the EURUSD currency pair represents a 10-cent USD change for every pair that the currency pair fluctuates. This increment is perfect to practice most strategies even in a small account or for a beginner).

On the other hand, if you don't feel ready for any reason, you can continue practicing on the simulator. In fact, we don't want you to start trading currencies until you feel completely ready (both practice wise and psychologically). Our goal is to train you to become a successful FX trader – A possibility that exists only if you understand exactly what to do and what rules to follow.

If you finish the training and your demo account has expired, you can simply sign up for a new demo by going to our demo signup page.