Top-Trader July 2014 Competition

top trader competition

It’s no secret…active traders flock to volatility!

Due to the extreme volatility in crude oil this year, black gold is high up on the list of traders’ preferred financial instruments.

That is why we are having the Top Oil Trader competition throughout the month of July.

Starting on July 1st this year, the trader who generates the highest overall profit on oil for the month will receive $5,000 USD in his or her trading account.

Every single trader who opens an account in the month of July will be automatically be entered into this trading contest. The results will be tabulated at the close of trading on July 31st and the winner will be announced on the web.

Advantages of Entering the Contest to Trade Oil

  • Prize of US$5,000 awarded to the winning trader
  • Track record qualifies you for our FastTrack Trader Recruitment Program
  • Spreads as low as 5 cents on oil
  • No fluctuation of trading spreads 99.9% of the time (even during news)
  • 1-Click trading for up to 100 lots (100,000 barrels of crude)
  • Margin = 0.5%, control 1.0 lot (1,000 barrels) for just US$1,000
  • Enjoy sub-millisecond (ms) executions on fiber optic trading network

If you like to trade oil or want to make trading your career, click the button below to go to our account opening page and open an account to automatically enter the competition.

go to account opening section to enter trading contest

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