Strategy 4 Instructions – Win a $100-Account

Thank you for agreeing to Receive your MT4 Scalping/Day Trading Strategy and become Part of our Forex Strategy Focus Group. Please Follow the Simple Steps below to Download and Install the Strategy and have a Chance to Win a US$100 Account. You will also receive an email with a link to these instructions for your convenience.

1. Request a New DEMO Account from this page (another window will pop open with the short form you have to complete).

2. Click here to Download the template file you need for your strategy. Once you do, place it in the “templates” folder wherever your FXPRIMUS MT4 platform is installed (usually C:\Program Files\FXPRIMUS – MetaTrader 4 Platform\ or something similar). Make sure your platform is closed when you do this.

3. Download each indicator file below and place it in the “indicators” folder that’s inside the “experts” folder wherever your FXPRIMUS MT4 platform is installed.

Click here
to download the indicator for your strategy.

4. Open your FXPRIMUS MT4 platform, right click in the middle of a chart, click “template” from the drop down list, and select the template with the name Template-strategy4a. After you do so, your chart should look similar to the ones shown in the PDF instructions below.

5. Click here to download the instructions on how to use your strategy. The instructions are in PDF format.

6. Use the Strategy for 30 Days on your Demo. Make notes on your experiences (good or bad) using the strategy, including any suggestions you may have to modify it or make it better.

7. After 30 days, provide your honest Feedback and Demo Login/Password on this Review Form.

8. After you complete the Review Form and provide your Feedback, we will send you a 2nd Bonus Strategy and you will have a Chance to Win a $100-Account.**The 10 most honest and Valuable reviews will Receive a $100-trading account with the right to keep all profits generated in the account. The 10 winners will be announced in 45 days.

Important: Who will win?
We are looking for honest reviews only! It does not matter if the reviews are not positive. The 10 Winning Reviews will be chosen based on quality. The Best review will be the one with the Highest Quality, not necessarily the one that says the nicest things about the strategy. If you have any questions or need help with anything, please complete our contact form.