Can I Speak to the Money Manager

The money manager is the professional in charge of making the trading decisions in a managed portfolio. The manager has the biggest responsibility of all: trading – since the profitability or failure thereof will determine the future success of the entire program (read "What is a Money Manager?" for a more detailed definition of a money manager).

Trading is a demanding, full time endeavor, not an easy, part time job. Consequently, the manager does not have time do much more than trade. Nevertheless, some investors never cease to ask to speak to the manager. In the great majority of cases, this is not possible or feasible, even though sometimes rare exceptions are made for very large investments or allocations.

So Who Can I Speak to Regarding the Managed Account Program?

Even though the money manager is the one who is the most knowledgeable about the strategies used to trade and manage risk within the program, the investor can usually have all of his questions answered by someone other than the manager. There are professionals outside of the management team who know all the ins and outs of the program itself. That is their job. These professionals are in the best position to provide clients with any customer support they need, as well as answer any questions clients may have regarding investing in the program.

Forex Day Trading prides itself on providing support to our clients. We have experts that are available to speak to existing clients or new investors who may want to participate in managed forex.