MT4 Download and Installation Instructions


download mt4 platform

Optional: Detailed Instructions Below

Your Internet Browser: Whether you use Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, or any other browser, it is possible that the installation file will be either downloaded automatically when you click the link above or will cause an alert or confirmation window to pop up. If the download takes place automatically, simply click on the downloaded file to begin the installation. If not, click on “Yes” or “Next” on any pop-up window. If you see a “Run” button appear on any of the windows, click it to start the installation of the platform.

IMPORTANT: If you already downloaded the platform from our site, DO NOT click on the link above, simply continue with the instructions below.

When you start the installation and the following window appears, click “Next.

download-mt4-platform1On the window below, check “Yes, I agree with all the terms of this license agreement,” and then click “Next.


Click “Next” on the window below.


When the window below appears, click “Finish.” You might need to wait between 10 to 30 seconds before the window that follows it appears.


Complete your “Personal details” when the window below appears and click “Next.” Enter your complete Name, Country, State (if applicable), City, etc., select your “Account Type” (“FixedSpread”, “Variable”, or “ECNPremiere”), select your desired Leverage (as high as 1000:1), check off “I agree to subscribe to your newsletters,” and enter your “Deposit” amount for your Demo (even though the deposit amount is not real, we recommend that traders select an amount that is realistic based on the amount they are planning to open an account with).


Click the “Scan” button (see window below).


Click on the Trading Server shown below.


Click “Next.”


Click “Finish” and write down your Login, Password and Investor password for your records.


Right click on any of the currency symbols under the Market Watch section and select “Show All.” This will populate your Market Watch list with all of the instruments you can trade (NOTE: only the symbols in Black can be traded).


You are now ready to trade. Make sure to visit our Fast Track section for trading career opportunities.