Can I Train First and Open My FX Account Later?

Sure. We offer a free live, training session for anyone that requests a demo. You don't have to pay for for this training session. In fact, during the session, we'll provide you with a recommended action plan to become a master trader. Demo trading is part of that action plan and we don't recommend for anyone to open a real account until they have mastered demo trading.

So even though in order to trade currencies you need to open an account, we don't want you to do it until you're complete ready; so, relax! Go through the free training and practice, practice, practice. In time, you'll know when you're ready. Please note that some clients won't really need this training because they are more experienced traders. Once you are convinced that our training is good and open a real account, we will provide you with more advanced strategies and trading tools, as well as mental tools to condition your mind for trading success.