What is the Minimum Investment?

Managed account minimums vary from firm to firm and also depend on the particular asset class the program specializes in.

When dealing with separately managed programs that trade in traditional securities like stocks and bonds, the typical minimum account is US$100,000 and, as explained in the “What is a Managed Account? post,” traditional managed products have come full circle and are beginning to look a lot like mutual funds (which defeats the purpose of the true managed business model).

Managed FX Accounts, on the other hand, are totally uncorrelated to traditional investments and have minimums that generally go from 5,000 USD (for purely retail business) to 100,000 USD+ (for institutional investors).

Our managed account program has a US$5,000 minimum investment requirement, but our High Net Worth Program requires $0.5M or more (and requires a detailed consultation with the investor to discuss objectives, risk tolerance, and other details).