Market Summary for 06-21-12

We expect numerous breakouts from the 2-3 day highs and lows within the next 4-18 hours, as indicated from the charts and their automated and manual price forecasts.

Please use the red horizontal lines as your breakout guidelines.

The FED announcement later today may provide some Impetus for movement, either reversals or accelerations. Be prepared for either.

If the prior trend was down (see our charts), the odds favor a continuation lower at this time and vice versa for uptrends. We have provided daily charts for the Yen, Swiss Franc, Canadian Dollar, British Pound, and Australian Dollar against the USD below. Also provided is a daily chart of the Dow.


dollar-yen daily chart


usdchf daily analysis


dollar-cad daily chart


cable daily chart


australian dollar daily

DJ – US Stock Market

dow daily market chart

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