Video Archive from Managed Forex Webinars

The "Forex Market and Strategy Discussions" were conducted starting in 2005 and included the participation of a top-ranked FX money manager, Michael Mansfield (co-manager of the Global Diversified FX Portfolio – GDFX at the time) and his interesting predictions and methodologies to forecast different financial markets, including foreign exchange.

This is the video archive for the past discussions with money manager, Michael Mansfield. If you are interested in managed alternative investments and want to learn more about managed FX, please click here. If you are an investment adviser or an institution (hedge fund, pension fund, religious organization, allocator, etc.) that allocates capital to alternative investments or managed accounts, please click here to request more information. You can also use these videos as an educational tool, as you'll be watching how a professional trader analyzes and trades the markets.

If you have stocks, bonds, real estate, or any other investments, you should see these videos. The information you will learn is priceless. The world is changing and you need to know how to protect yourself!

In these discussions, Michael Mansfield discusses timely information about global markets, including the foreign exchange market, the stock market, real estate, oil, etc., as well as the distinguishing characteristics of his GDFX portfolio. Mr. Mansfield's uncanny ability to forecast market tops and bottoms becomes evident as you play these videos.

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FX Market Discussion Webinar on April 5, 2005

Some Important Clips from the webinar on 04/05/2005:

  • Outlook for Global Currency Markets in 2005 and Beyond
    • Forecasting with Elliott Waves (the basics): an explanation of how to use Elliott Wave Progressions to correctly forecast markets, including a successful forecast from the past.
      [play time = 8 minutes and 58 seconds]
    • Forecast for Different Currency Pairs: includes the Australian Dollar (AUD/USD), the British Pound (GBP/USD), the Euro (EUR/USD), and the Japanese Yen (USD/JPY).
      [play time = 18 minutes and 40 seconds]
    • Crude Oil Forecast: Mike Mansfield calls a temporary top in the price of oil during this forecast. He says, "If anyone is holding crude oil positions, I'll be out of 2/3 of my position waiting for a pullback." The price of crude immediately began a 22% plunge to $46 a barrel from a prior high of about $59 on the day the forecast was given.
      [play time = 2 minutes and 00 seconds]
    • Forecasting Stock Market Drop (extremely important for current stock investors): Mike discusses the current and future dangers in the US economy that can crush stocks and warns investors to get our of all "long only stock positions" at this time [this includes investors invested in stock mutual funds in their retirement accounts].
      [play time = 7 minutes and 30 seconds]

FX Market Discussion Webinar on April 19, 2005

Full Video – [play time = 1 hour 26 minutes]

Important Clips of the video above:

  • Forecast for Different Currencies – includes the Australian Dollar (AUD/USD), the British Pound (GBP/USD), the Euro (EUR/USD), and the Japanese Yen (USD/JPY)
    [play time = 16 minutes and 28 seconds]

  • Crude Oil Forecast Right on the Money: Mansfield discussed what happened to the price of oil since his prior forecast during an April 5th, 2005 webinar. The price dropped in the short term. He also forecasts the future price of oil.
    [Play time = 2 minutes and 28 seconds]

  • Stock Market Forecast – Much, much lower stock prices in store?: Mike warns stock investors about the current and future dangers of the stock market and discusses current factors that can hurt stocks. All stock investors and people with retirement accounts should pay close attention to this information.
    [Play time = 13 minutes and 23 seconds]

  • Real Estate Forecast – How big will the bubble get?: Mike forecasts interest rates and discusses how rates and other obvious factors will likely cause the current real estate bubble to burst. If you are a real estate investor or are considering investing in real estate, you need to see this.
    [Play time = 7 minutes and 46 seconds]

  • Why is the GDFX portfolio different than other managed account programs? This section shows differentiating characteristics of Global Diversified FX Portfolio and explains why it is so different than other alternative investments and professionally managed programs.
    [play time = 8 minutes and 0 seconds]

  • Question and answer session: Participants ask questions about managed accounts and the markets.
    [Play time = 25 minutes and 16 seconds]