Managed FX IRA – A New Asset Class

A Managed IRA is for an investor who wants to enjoy the tax deferred benefits of an IRA and wants to have a portfolio manager managing his account using Forex as an asset class (which is totally uncorrelated to traditional equity-type investments like stocks, bonds and mutual funds). If you want to trade your own money, go to our traditional IRA section instead.

Complete our information request form to obtain more information about setting up a managed account inside an IRA with at least $10,000.

To open a managed IRA, a customer must complete the managed account forms, the forms for the trust company that is going to maintain the IRA, and the forms for the broker that the manager uses to trade.

There are a few trust companies that can facilitate the setting up of an FX IRA. Some of these are Entrust, Equity Trust, Millennium Trust, etc.

To set up a managed IRA account, the investor usually completes the account application forms for the brokerage firm where the account is going to be opened, as well as various forms for the trust company. All the forms are then submitted to the trust company who submits the completed account applications forms to the brokerage firm.

To participate in this program, an IRA (traditional or Roth) of $10,000 or greater is required. You can either use the funds from an existing IRA or rollover a company retirement account into an IRA to do this.

Call us for the necessary instructions to set this up.

Your account can take from 2 weeks to be set up (if you are setting up a new IRA) to 4 weeks (if you are transferring an existing IRA or rolling over your retirement plan assets to fund your managed account).

If you have any questions or have any difficulty following the instructions above, please let us know.