Managed FX for High Net Worth Investors

Forex is the asset class that is experiencing the highest demand in the managed account arena. This is not surprising, given the fact that long-only investments traditional markets like stocks and real estate can experience big drops during prolonged bear markets.

Unfortunately, many Managed FX programs are not accessible to the retail investor and operate behind the scenes at the institutional level. Nevertheless, high net worth (HNW) investors that want to diversify into the largest financial market in the world (foreign exchange), have more options.

If you are a high net worth investor who is interested in forex managed accounts and have US$150,000 or more of capital to allocate, we can structure a portfolio of different institutional-type managed programs for you. Please note that each of these programs has a minimum requirement that’s typically higher than the regular program; so the amount of investable capital you have available will determine in how many of these programs you’ll be able to participate in.

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What are some Advantages of Managed FX Programs for HNW Clients?

  • Diversification – Forex is uncorrelated to traditional investments like stocks and bonds, so investors who desire diversifying their portfolios can do so via this alternative asset class.
  • Ability to Participate in Institutional Forex Investments – A larger risk capital base gives high net worth investors more choices when it comes to managed FX. This is an advantage that the retail investor does not have and it adds another level of diversification to an investor’s overall portfolio.
  • Ability to Hedge against Currency Risk – High net worth investors that are worried about how the devaluation of the US Dollar (or any other currency) can affect the buying power of their money can open a managed forex account in major currencies like the Euro, British Pound, Swiss Franc, etc. – or in multiple currencies for greater diversification.
  • Complete Transparency – Accounts are opened in the investor’s name at regulated firms, so the money managers trading the accounts do not have access to the funds; only a limited power of attorney to trade them.

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