Open Managed Account – Instructions

Follow these easy, step-by-step instructions to open and fund your managed account (min 10,000 USD).

1. Click Here to begin the online account application (another window will pop open with the online application page).
2. Click on green box that corresponds to the type of account you want to open (Individual, Joint, or Corporate). Image Link
3. You will then see a page with 3 steps and with sections you have to complete. Image LinkIMPORTANT: Leave the Referrer ID section alone because it is already programmed with the proper information of the managed account. In the “Trading Account Details” section, you need to select “100:1” for “Leverage” and “ECN Premiere” for “Spread”. Image LinkUnder the “Accept Terms & Agreements” section towards the bottom of the application, you need to check the boxes to accept the agreement and move forward. Image Link
4. Step 2 provides the link you need to click to upload your documents (color picture ID, proof of residence less than 6 months old, etc.). If you don’t have the documents handy, you can log in to your Member’s Area with the username and password you chose and upload the documents at a later time.
5. Step 3 shows you a “Thank You” message.
6. IMPORTANT: Whether you decide to upload the documents during the online application process or afterwards by logging into your member’s area, one of the documents you’ll have to upload is a “Power of Attorney” (POA) form that will authorize the management of your account.The  POA that is provided via link on the broker’s site is not filled out. That’s why you need to download the completed POA by clicking this link, print it out, sign it, and scan it, then upload it during the online account application process or from your member’s area.
7. Log into your member’s area by clicking this link and verify your email address from the initial page once you log in. If you have not done so already, please upload your documents and POA form by clicking on the “Profile” button on the left navigation menu.

Important: Funding Your Account
Once your complete the steps above, your account will go to Compliance for approval. Once your account is approved, you will see a “Fund Account” button appear on the left navigation menu when you log in to your member’s area. Click on the “Fund Account” button and select a funding method that is convenient for you. Once your account is funded, it should be ready for management within 24 to 48 hours.