Train While Watching the Market Live

The best way to learn how to trade currencies is by watching the market live. Our free training takes full advantage of this. During our training sessions, not only do customers get to listen and interact with a trainer on a live environment via the Internet, they also learn strategies and techniques when the currency market is open and active. Through the use of live examples, our FX trainers try to accelerate the learning process of our clients, so that they can be better prepared to trade their own accounts successfully.

watch the forex market live in our free training

See the FX Market in Action with our Live, Online Training.

Participants in our live training enjoy streaming presentations with live narration from a professional, live charts and technical studies of different currency pairs, lessons on how to operate the live trading platform, real examples of the application of different strategies on MT4, and e-books that aid in the learning of the subject matter and serve as an invaluable reference throughout a trader's career.

If you would like to speak with one of our reps about the live training or if have any questions, click here or use our live chat.