How to Become an Introducing Broker

7 Easy Steps to Becoming a Successful IB

We Specialize in helping businesses and individuals from all over the world become introducing brokers in foreign exchange (FX). We have put together this list of steps to show you EXACTLY what you need to do in order to get started as an IB.

  1. Tell us about your business (click here now) – This step is simple, but crucial. Before moving forward with the IB process, we need to know what type of business you are currently involved in and what your plans are after you become an introducing broker. We need this information in order to structure the best package for you and guide you in the right direction, especially when it comes to registration and licensing based on your country of origin, location of customer base, etc.
  2. Receive the IB Application instructions via Email – Within 24 hours after completion of Step 1.

  3. Upload your Scanned IB Documents and/or Identification & Proof of Address – (If you require a white label, it will require additional agreements). The proof of address has to be less than 3 months old. The ID can be a passport, driver's license, or government issued picture ID.
  4. Your Application is sent to Compliance for Processing – This can take from 24 to 48 hours if everything is in order.
  5. Receive your Approval Email – You will receive an approval email when you are approved as an introducing agent and added to the system.
  6. Information about your IB Website – If you will be promoting your business through your existing or new website, you will receive instructions and guidance on how to do so. Even though a website is not required to become an IB, it is definitely a plus when it comes to building customer loyalty and solidifying your brand.
  7. Receive Our Training and Support – Since we want you to succeed as an IB, we will provide you with invaluable training and support on how to push your business forward.  Our experts in the IB industry can guide you based on your business plan, objectives, etc. 

Complete this form and get the process started by telling us more about you or your business and objectives.