How to use the FX Mental Tuner for Greater Trading Success

change your mind for trading success with fx mental tuner

Our FX Mental Tuner MP3 is designed to condition your mind so that it becomes receptive to attain an optimum level of trading success. It was created by trading professionals, as well as experts in learning, subliminal programming, and hypnotherapy. This effective technology is designed to target your subconscious mind during sleep (while your brain is in the Theta brainwave state). The scientific explanation as to why this works is provided in our blog post, Training in FX Should be Mental.

The Mental Tuner is an indispensable part of our Fast Track trader recruitment and training program, which you can read more about here.

Instructions – Changing your Mind while you Sleep

change your mind in trading while you sleep

Please follow the instructions below to maximize the benefit of the Mental Tuner.

IMPORTANT: The recording is designed to be listened to while you sleep, as you drift into Theta. Please play it when you are going to bed and not during your regular waking hours.

  1. Use either an MP3 player or a computer to play the recording. You can use either earphones (for greater privacy), regular speakers or a pillow speaker to play the MP3 at a comfortable volume level. The volume can be low enough so that you barely hear the music. The actual level is not important, since your subconscious mind is able to hear and process audio messages at very low volumes.

  2. Start the recording when you are lying in bed, ready to go to sleep. The beginning or introduction is designed to lull you gently into sleep. It may take a few nights to get used to falling asleep easily while listening to an audio stream, but stick with it. You’ll get used to it quickly.

  3. Play the Mental Tuner for 21 to 30 days in a row for maximum effect. If you skip one or more days, listen for an additional number of days equal to double the number of days you missed; for example, if you skip 1 day, add 2 more days to the total – if you miss 2, add 4; etc. Please try not to skip more than 2 days in a row.

  4. Allow the recording to play all the way through, so that your subconscious mind absorbs all the trading affirmations fully.

The Trading Affirmations

trading affirmations

The FX Mental Tuner consists of a mix of soft, classical music and supraliminal or audible trading and self-help/positive affirmations repeated at a precise frequency. The affirmations are carefully designed to target problem mental/psychological areas that normally prevent traders from reaching their full potential. You will be able to understand the affirmations as they are played, so you’ll never have to wonder if you are being fed any hidden subliminal messages. These are a few examples of the trading-related affirmations you will hear…

  • Profitable trades come to me frequently and easily.
  • I evolve as a trader, from one natural stage to another.
  • I create highly profitable trading methods and systems.
  • I let my profits run. I cut my losses quickly.
  • As a beginning trader, I study and learn the system easily.
  • As a beginning trader, I have the discipline to follow the plan.
  • As an intermediate trader, I recognize patterns and relationships.
  • As an intermediate trader, I balance my plan with my own style.
  • As an advanced trader, I find my own style.
  • As an advanced trader, I make money while enjoying myself.

These are just some of the affirmations that are included in this unique mental training tool. There are over 150 in total, covering different areas that are important to trader psychology and mental development. These areas include, trading currencies successfully, having the correct mindset for success and emotional control, and making profitable decisions.

Success and Trader Evolution – A Mental Journey

trader evolution success

If you read through the snippet of positive affirmations above, you’ll realize that they describe a progression from beginner to advanced trader. This is very important and intentional.

Many people think that successful trading is about finding that perfect “Holy Grail” strategy and using it to double your account many times over. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is that there is no perfect strategy. Even though there are many good ones, none is perfect – and even if a perfect one existed, many traders would still fail using it. Why?

Because failure in trading has a lot to do with psychological or emotional issues. For that reason, some say that trading is mostly “mental.” That is why the Mental Tuner focuses on a trader’s mental conditioning so strongly. It actually attempts to kickstart and put into full gear the evolutionary process that is essential for trading success (i.e., the reference to “progression” in the first paragraph of this section).

So even though the guidance and advanced trading tools we provide all our FastTrack participants are very effective, they do not constitute the much sought out (but fictitious) Holy Grail system – the one that a trader is going to follow blindly to riches from the start of his rookie season to the end of his professional money management career. As stated in the individual affirmations above, traders must mentally progress from beginner to intermediate to advanced in order to succeed over time. This sequence starts out with a novice being trained to follow a laid out plan, then proceeding into him or her getting better at recognizing good market opportunities, and becoming finalized with his or her evolution into a unique trader with a distinctive style or methodology.

Having explained the crucial mental journey successful traders must undergo, we advise novices to follow the FastTrack steps with an open mind; an open mind that does not interrupt the essential evolutionary process described earlier – and one that removes a trader’s main focus away from the obsession of finding a utopian solution or strategy outside of him or herself.

Without the correct mindset, a trader cannot evolve and thereby succeed. That is why FX Mental Tuner is so important.

What to Expect when Listening to the Mental Tuner

fx-mental-tuner-what-to-expectThe mind is a mysterious, but powerful animal that has a very strong influence in our level of success or lack thereof. Author Louis Binstock phrased this perfectly when he said, “we are our own worst enemy.”

So as you play the Mental Tuner MP3 every night when you go to sleep, keep in mind that you are going up against a powerful adversary; one that’s already inside of you. You are brandishing a weapon against negative emotions, memories, and habits that were developed throughout your lifetime. It can be a bit of a messy fight, so be patient with yourself – especially if you experience any degree of discomfort or irritability throughout the process. It is only temporary.

To help you win this mental reprogramming battle, make sure that you get plenty of rest, drink plenty of water, go for leisurely walks, take relaxing baths, etc. (seriously!). We are trying to take down the Anti-Trading Goliath in a few quick rounds here, so cut yourself some slack!

All kidding aside, the ultimate goal in this part of the training is CHANGE. We expect it – to change your mind when it comes to trading and success. We want your mind to become a porous sponge that is ready to soak up the latter when doing the former.

This is what you should expect as well. Good luck!

To start using the FX Mental Tuner to help you in your own trading, make sure to request and install our MT4 platform by clicking here. When you do so, the link to the MP3 will be sent to you.