How Do We Make Money if Our Training is Free?

Bet you thought of this one, right? How can Forex Day Trading make any money providing free training to its customers and not charging any commissions? "Free, Free, Free!" You hear these words all over our website and you wonder, "How is this possible?" "Is this for real?" "Is there a catch?"

Well dear Sherlock Holmes, your suspicions are totally justified. We would ask the same questions if we came upon such an offer from another company.

The reality of it is that we don't charge anything for our training, but we still make money from the transactions our customers generate. These involve a portion of the spread between the bid and ask prices. So when you trade, we do make money – but we don't require you to trade to receive our educational materials and training; just to open an account (in reality, you even receive some materials just for requesting a demo or simulator). If our education wouldn't be helpful to our customers, they would simply not open real accounts or trade, which would not make us very successful and would not make our business model a feasible one.

For managed foreign exchange accounts, we are compensated from the performance fee charged, which is pretty standard in the FX Industry.

We believe training is very important and our goal is to train our customers who need it and prepare them to tackle the forex market.