What will I Learn During the Free Training?

The goal of our live training is to start you on the path to learn how to trade currencies successfully. Period!

Our coaches know that no one learns how to trade with general information. To learn how to trade currencies, a person has to learn SPECIFIC strategies that defined when to buy, when to sell, and how to manage trades. Trading without a specific, well-defined strategy is like building a house without a floor plan – It just doesn't work. That is why in our free training, you will learn:

    • Basic information about the Forex market, like the different currency pairs, the use of margin, trading hours, etc. (this can be skipped for more experienced traders).
    • The use of the MT4 platform – reading quotes, using charts, entering basic and advanced orders, setting different technical indicators, etc. (this can be skipped for more experienced traders that already understand the trading software).
    • How to trade using different key market levels.

    In our Other Coaching and Mentoring Sessions, you will learn specific strategies. This includes:

    • Indicators and techniques to enter the market. You will learn exactly when you should buy or sell a given currency pair.
    • How many lots or contracts to use when buying or selling.
    • Exactly where to set your stops and how to manage your trade as it goes in your favor.
    • Important psychological Do's and Don'ts to avoid becoming another trading statistic.
    • Practical Examples, and more.

    As part of the training, we provide our customers with the material covered by our coaches in the live training. This helps students learn faster by minimizing the need for note taking and serve as a great reference tool for anyone who wishes to make trading currencies a serious career or business.