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Forex Mental Training

In the previous blog post, we discussed that even the best strategy can fall prey to the wrong trading mindset.

This is because of the “mind-over-matter” phenomenon. Think about it this way…

If you put a race car driver who’s constantly worrying about crashing behind the seat of the fastest car on the track, he is almost guaranteed not to win because of the power of his thoughts. His mind will mismanage the race car (the “matter”) and he will likely crash. The race car driver is analogous to a Forex Trader. He must change his thoughts if he wants to have a chance to win at trading currencies.

Please note that we’re not just talking here about making a conscious effort to think positively and visualize trading success. It’s always good to do that, but you need to go beyond the conscious effort in order to Train Your Brain for Trading Success. “Why,” you ask?

It’s simple and based on the universal Law of Attraction (remember the movie, “The Secret?”), and basically means the following:

“You cannot achieve trading success if your conscious mind does not believe it’s possible!”

Stated another way, if your subconscious mind does not contain the beliefs required to trade currencies successfully, your conscious mind will never be able to overcome it. Consequently, no matter how many times you repeat “I am a successful trader” during your waking hours, the results will always be the same…Utter failure!!!

It doesn’t matter which guru administers the training or how many hours you spend practicing on a simulator. You will eventually settle into a state of equilibrium, where your trading results will become a mirror image of your subconscious “programming.”

Reaching “Theta” to Re-Train your Brain for Trading

Many scientists, researchers, and psychiatrists agree that out of the four brainwave states (Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta), Theta is the essential one to transform your mind.

Brain States and Trading Theta

The Theta state is the one where your brain cells or neurons emit frequencies or vibrations in the 4 to 8 cycles per second or hertz (Hz) range. Theta corresponds to dreaming and wakeful dreaming, as well as the state of deep meditation (as opposed to the faster Beta and Alpha brainwaves associated with our normal daily lives and the slower Delta associated with deep, dreamless sleep).

American psychologist and neurotechnology/biofeedback pioneer and researcher, Thomas Budzynski, said that the Theta state is,

“a transition zone between wakefulness and sleep in which one can absorb new information in an uncritical, non-analytical fashion…Thus, information leading to a change in self-concept would become more available; modification of habitual behaviors or consideration of one’s belief system could occur more easily if alternatives were presented during a period of theta activity.”1

This information is very promising for traders looking to train their minds for success, since all they have to do is tune into their Theta brainwave state and start the “re-programming” process.

In his book, Subliminal Perception: The Nature of a Controversy, Psychologist Dr. Norman Dixon, states,

“In theta, behavior and belief systems change more easily, as we bypass the critical and logical beta state. We absorb new information in an uncritical, non-analytical fashion.”2

Now that we know that the Theta brain state is essential in re-training your brain, what does a trader have to do to reach Theta and start the “tuning” process?

Meditation as a Form of Mental Training: The Challenge

In a 10-year meditation study of Zen monks conducted by Dr Akira Kasamatsu and Dr Tomi Hirai of Tokyo University’s Department of Neuro-Psychiatry, the doctors found that the monks with over 20 years of meditative experience generated the highest amount of Theta. Those who were less proficient in their Zen training, drifted more often into a “sleepiness” state called “Konchin.”3

Challenge of Meditation in Mental Training for FX

Since most currency traders don’t want to shave their heads and take a 20-year sabbatical to study Zen meditation in order to generate Theta waves, the challenges involved make meditation impractical for those who want to learn to trade in the shortest amount of time possible.

Furthermore, like the least experienced monks, many traders who begin using meditation for Theta-wave generation will also tend to fall asleep before being able to implant success-based, trading affirmations into their subconscious minds.

“Is it a lost cause, then?”, you may ask.

Forex Mental Tuner – An Effective Form of Mental Training for Traders

No, there’s hope. It’s called the FX Mental Tuner – created by a PhD and internationally recognized authority on learning and subliminal programming, a certified hypnotherapist, and professional money managers with decades of successful trading experience.

The Mental Tuner was designed with the sole purpose of training and conditioning your subconscious mind for optimal trading success. It achieves this by playing carefully designed, periodic audio affirmations while you sleep and your brain is in the receptive Theta state.

Unlike meditation, it does not require that you spend any amount of time during your waking hours practicing how to get it right. You simply play the FX Mental Tuner MP3 when you’re laying in bed and ready to go to sleep, and let the relaxing, classical music do the rest. The trading affirmations designed to train your mind for success are played alongside the music, so that you hear exactly what the statements are. It is not a subliminal recording where the messages cannot be heard and always leave you wondering what your mind is actually being fed.

The combination of mental training via FX Mental Tuner with the professional trading tools and training provided in our FastTrack program, create an ideal learning environment for individuals who want to maximize their growth potential as traders. This fusion of subconscious/physical training is much more effective than the traditional approach of using a pure CONSCIOUS effort to perfect a trading strategy or system.

If you’re interested in using the FX Mental Tuner to improve your trading results, please visit our FastTrack section and follow the steps to get started.

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