When the Training is over, Do you Provide any type of Support?

We want ALL our customers to become successful FX traders. When a customer is successful, so are we. We want clients to trade with us for a very long time and make money. That is why after the training, customers can always contact us to ask us questions or speak to our mentors. We also provide email support to customers that prefer to send their questions via email, as well as live chat. The continuous support we provide our traders is part of our belief that without proper training and mentoring, it is impossible to succeed as a day trader in any market.

If you do become successful and make it to our professional trading program (where you get allocated funds to trade), you will always be in communication with other professional traders and money managers in our team.

So if you ever want to speak to a human being after your training, just pick up the phone. We are here to make sure that you become the best trader you can be.