Hardware-Software Requirements for MT4

New forex traders often wonder what type of computer terminal they need to trade the FX markets. Coming from the world of stock trading, many think that a top-of-the-line computer with four or more monitors is required. In reality, any new computer or one that is a few years old will suffice to trader currencies in most instances. We provide below general recommendations for your trading system.

Recommendations to Trade FX on MT4

  • Dual Core Processor with Speed of 2GHz or Higher (Quad Core ideal)
  • Monitor Screen Resolution set at 1280×1024 or Higher
  • Windows XP or Better
  • 1GB of RAM for or Higher (ideally, a trader on a multi-monitor system should try to have 2GB of RAM per monitor)
  • Internet Connection of DSL/Cable Modem or Better (serious, full-time traders should also have a redundant internet connection just in case their internet goes down – for example, a cable modem service as a primary connection and DSL as a backup)

Most new computers available today are good enough to be used as an FX trading terminal. It is Always a good idea to buy a computer that will be used for trading with as much RAM (Random Access Memory – 1GB or Higher if possible) as possible.

Please note that if you decide to use multiple monitors to trade, we recommend that you stick to the same monitor brand and model for the most reliable operation. A multi-monitor arm or stand might be necessary to arrange all your monitors on a desk or wall in front of you. The video card should also be able to handle the number of monitors you are going to use (dual card = 2 monitors, quad = 4, etc.) or multiple video cards could be used if your computer supports it.

If you wish to have your computer assembled by an expert in the field, we could refer you to a reliable source. This can be useful for traders that do not have much knowledge about hardware and software for trading.