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Trading Demo – Request a 60-day trading simulator of our trading platform based on the MetaTrader (MT4) Technology.

Mini E-Book – This free e-book shows you a Step by Step Strategy to trade your account. It was designed by our in-house traders and is only available from our website after you open your mini account.

Powerful Forex E-Book – Get yours free when you open a standard account with $2,500 or more. This ebook will teach you powerful trading strategies that take the guesswork out of trading. Learn to trade like a pro.

NEW – One Training E-Book for all accounts. No longer is there a requirement to open a bigger account to get access to our e-book. Now all clients get access to the same FX ebook with the same training content. All clients can also trade micro, mini, and standard lots in the same account when they open their account.

Forex Traders Wanted – Complete this form to be considered one of our traders. You can qualify to either trade proprietary funds or as a money manager for our clients. Please no martingales, pyramids, news trading, or strategies with average losses that are much larger than the average gains. A real (not demo) track record is required.

Scalping Currencies – If you are able to scalp foreign currencies successfully, please visit this section and complete our form. Whether you want to scalp in your own account or get access to capital from our investors to trade, we are interested in working with you.

Free Training – Forex Day Trading is committed to our traders’ education. That is why we provide free training to our customers. Powerful, live training delivered to your own computer over the Internet via webinars.

Managed Account – Information on Managed FX as an alternative asset class. A professional money manager trades your account for you.

System User Guide – Online manual about all of the features of our MT4 software.

Account Opening Page – Section to open an account online. Features include 24-hour trading, award-winning MT4 (MetaTrader 4) trading platform, 500:1 leverage, free trading software, and US$250 minimum deposit.

Professional Trading – Via the FastTrack program, interested traders can have the opportunity to manage capital in the foreign exchange market or become a prop trader for our company. Free, professional training is provided.

Institutional Services – Our platform can also be used by institutions that need to trade currencies in their everyday line of work.

Mini Accounts – A “mini account” refers to smaller accounts that can be used to trade smaller quantities of the underlying currency pairs. Nowadays, you can trade standard, mini, and micro lots in any of our accounts with a minimum of 250 USD.

Forex IRA – Discusses the trading of currencies in a retirement account. A foreign exchange IRA allows investors to trade currencies tax free or deferred. You can either open a new account, transfer an existing IRA, or do a direct rollover from a 401(k), 403(b) or another qualified retirement plan (this applies to US investors only).

  • Roth IRA – A Roth IRA allows currency traders to open an account with after-tax dollars and the account grows tax free.
  • IRA Fees – Typical custodial fees to maintain an IRA to trade FX.

Managed Forex IRA – A managed IRA is for investors that want to have their money managed by a professional Forex manager and, at the same time, enjoy the tax free growth that retirement accounts provide.

Forex IB (introducing broker) – Learn how to establish a Forex IB business at no cost to you.

  • Step-by-step Guide to Become an IB – 7 Steps you need to follow to get started as an IB.
  • Why Us? – Advantages of signing up as an introducing broker through our firm.
  • IB Form – You need to fill out this form firms if you are interested in our IB program.
  • White Label Program – Learn how to offer to your customers our powerful MT4 trading software with your company name and logo. It is a great way to establish a presence in the Forex industry. You can set up either a partial or full white label. Our expert white label professionals can walk you through the process and determine what is best for you regarding customer funding, licensing/registration, branding, etc.
  • IB Compensation – Commissions and rebates received by IBs.
  • Business Candidates that Might Succeed as IB’s – Is your existing business a good candidate for our introducing broker program? You might be surprised how many businesses qualify.

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Trading System – Information about the available features and functions of our trading platform. This information applies both to the software used in the trading demos and in live accounts.