Money Managers for GDFX Portfolio

Mansfield Visoiu Capital Management (MVCM)

Michael Mansfield, Money Manager, Managing Director

Mike Mansfield is an experienced trader and "Master Market Technician" with a vast educational background. A FX Money Manager for the Global Diversified FX Portfolio, Mansfield has been in the investment and trading industry since 1981 and has both discretionary and systematic trading experience with stocks, options, futures and forex. His experience trading began with options during his college years, but his trading expertise really intensified as a broker beginning in 1981 and then as a proprietary trader at his own firm in 1988. This eventually led to his top ranking as a systematic Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) in 2000. His former CTA firm, Abalo Mansfield & CO (A&M), was listed in Futures Magazine three times during the year 2000 (see links below), as one of the top performing CTAs. In addition to his extensive trading knowledge, Michael has experience in brokerage management, investment banking, and as a consultant to other money managers, banks and trading firms. He has written articles in trade publications and has been a repeat guest on a nationally syndicated financial market radio show.

Notable Accomplishments

    • #1-Ranked Manager among 1116 managers by EurekaHedge for April 2004 for the Global Diversified FX XL Portfolio (click Here for snapshot).
    • Top-ranked Manager in Futures Magazine for March 2000 (click Here for snapshot) and #4 in April 2000 (click Here for a snapshot) under Abalo Mansfield & CO (A&M).
    • Called a large additional sell off in the NYSE on August 2001 with a low in the latter part of 2002 (read the article here). This is a large file to download (1.36MB) – please be patient.
    • Called for dollar weakness on June 2002 during a radio interview with Winning on Wall Street Radio Show (listen to the manager's interview by clicking here)
    • Was able to ride the 1982-83, 200% increase in Silver then exit 99% of his clients at the exact 3-day triple top in February 1983. Three weeks later silver collapsed 30%.
    • World Trading Group, Coconut Grove, Florida – Managing Partner and Co-owner – Office proprietary account netted approximately 500% return in 2 years based on NFA / CFTC (National Futures Association / Commodities Futures Trading Commission) rules assuming compounding.
    • World Trading Group – Top Trader from 1989 to 1990
    • Dealt with such industry giants as Cargill, Mitsui, Irwin Jacob's Minstar Corp., Coastal Oil, Banks, Brokerage Firms, Trading Firms, Hedge Funds and One of the largest Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) firms in the United States.

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    Vincent M. Visoiu, Money Manager, Managing Director
    Chartered Portfolio and Investment Manager

    Money manager Vincent M. Visoiu is a highly analytical individual that has been involved in two careers requiring highly critical thinking; medicine and money management. As a result, Vincent adheres to technical analysis and systematic trading which he considers the most important factors in money management. This approach resulted in the development of proprietary trading systems including specific money management modules that Visoiu has used to successfully trade the futures and forex markets. The methodology has proven to be effective across various asset classes. Vincent's interests in the markets focus heavily on portfolio diversification management, as well as arbitrage spread trading between interrelated investment vehicles.

    Visoiu graduated as a Foreign Medical Doctor (M.D.) from Central America Health Science University in Belize and his medical specialty is General Practice/Internal Medicine. Visoiu's medical residency work was done at University of Miami Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida. Vincent holds the title of Chartered Investment Portfolio Manager (CPIM). He also possesses a B.S. degree from Nova Southeastern University and an MBA from Florida International University.

    Vincent Visoiu has 5 years experience trading the FX and futures markets. His approach to medicine, where he relies heavily on acute analysis and objective tests to arrive at correct diagnoses for patients, is the same objective approach he uses to trade the markets. Over the years, he developed proprietary indicators and molded them into a complete trading system that do not rely on or use optimization, with the benefit that the trading systems can be used across various asset classes such as stocks, commodities, financial futures and the forex markets without any modifications.

    An early interest in video games lead to manager Visoiu's ability to translate trading concepts into computer code via Visual Basic, C++, Java, Pascal, FORTRAN, ELA and other computer languages. To prove the accuracy of these trading concepts, they were then rigorously tested using statistical methods modeled after clinical medical trials. This highly specialized approach to trading has given Visoiu an edge in rapid market implementation and market performance.

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