Forex Institutional Services

At Forex Day Trading we offer fund managers and other institutional investors the potential to realize numerous advantages by trading foreign currencies. Advantages like the ones below:

Experienced Management and Trading Teams

Our team includes experienced stock investors and traders, money managers, investment consultants, trading system designers, and analysts.

Price Transparency and Fast Execution

In the front office, our forex trading system offers the highest possible level of price transparency via real time, streaming forex quotes, and a speed of execution that's unmatched in the marketplace. Professional traders love the consistency of our prices and our fills. When trading with us, the price you see is the price you get – No more worries about slippage or re-quoting during normal market conditions.

Consistent Liquidity

Our relationships with some of the world's top FX Banks ensure that we are able to offer consistent liquidity and highly competitive dealing spreads.

Lower Transaction Costs

We offer very tight Spreads, as well as high execution quality. We also make it easy for you to establish your own cash- or pip-based fee structure for your clients. These fees can be customized based on your needs.

Back Office Services

Extensive back office services can be provided including: automated trade allocation and reporting, activity statements, pip and dollar commission reporting, etc. Contact Us about Forex Institutional Trading Services by Clicking Here.