Market Forecast 04-03-12 – Update

AUDNZD: Super short trade on the Aussie-Kiwi currency pair continues working out… 

Move stop down to 1.2635 to lock in 160 pips, target still around 1.2530, but may have a bigger rally soon, so instead, get out and resell if rally takes us out.

NZDUSD: Long from .82, move stops up to .8225 on at least 50% of position on NZDUSD to lock in profits. Move stop on remaining position to .8210 with upper price target still .8280.


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2 Responses to Market Forecast 04-03-12 – Update

  1. C Chan says:

    How soon the AUD/NZD this pairs move? 

    • forexdaytrading says:

      Chan, AUDNZD is a commonly traded cross that moves constantly throughout the day. The short breakout recommendation on Aussie-Kiwi that started on March 21st has turned into a super short trade on this currency pair.

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