Frequently Asked Questions

At Forex Day Trading, we strive to answer all of our customers' questions. "Having difficulty with your demo?" "Not able to fund your account after you open it?" Answers to these questions are provided in the sections below. We will continue to add new questions that we get from our clients as well as the corresponding answers in the categories below. If you want to email us any new questions about your account or about the FX market in general, please fill out our contact form by clicking on this link.

FX Market FAQs – General frequently asked questions about what the foreign exchange market is and how it works.

Training FAQs – Questions about the free training program that we provide our customers.

System Support FAQs – Regarding the trading platform. Includes questions about operation, hardware and software requirements, as well as solutions to problems with your simulator; for example., log in problems, demo expiration, etc.

Account Related Questions – Questions pertaining to your trading account such as, trading hours, minimum deposits, margin requirements, phone access, etc.

A great number of questions that customers have, have already been answered in the FAQ categories above.