Why Sign Up as an IB Through Us?

It is extremely beneficial for your company to become an introducing broker through us. Here are some of the reasons Why:

  • Attractive Payout
    By becoming IB through our firm, your payout will be extremely attractive and your clients will have access to very tight spreads and straight through processing (STP). You will also have the support of an organization that has helped a large number of IB's Succeed. Click Here to Get Started.
  • Tight Spreads and STP (Straight Through Processing)
    STP technology allows your customers to trade currencies directly with the liquidity providers (banks, etc.) which make up the quotes, instead of with the dealing desk of a retail FX firm. This means your customers will get faster fills without the requotes, dealer delays, price manipulation, etc. that are part of the dealing desk model. This will translate into a higher quality of execution. Furthermore, relationships with multiple liquidity providers will give your clients access to spreads that are tighter than most brokerage firms, which will make it easier for your company to both open more accounts and retain existing customers better. Click Here to Get Started.
  • Industry Standard Platform (MT4)
    MetaTrader 4, or MT4 as it's more commonly known, has become de de facto standard in the Forex industry. It will provide your clients with a powerful, all inclusive suite comprised of sophisticated charting, advanced order execution, and comprehensive reporting. MT4 is also extremely popular in the automated or algorithmic trading arena, where systematic traders can run existing robots (or automated programs also known as EA's or Expert Advisors) or develop their own, as well as run different back tests of the strategies over specific periods of time. When you become a referring agent, your clients will get access to MT4 at no cost whatsoever. White label IBs will be able to customize the platform with their logos, thereby increasing their brand recognition in FX. Click Here to Get Started.
  • High Safety of Funds and Protection for your Clients
    Many IBs lose significant business every time a brokerage firm goes bankrupt or gets shut down by government regulators. High profile bankruptcies like that of NFA registered REFCO in 2005 put many IB firms and their customers out of business. That's why, for the first time ever, clients of our introducing brokers have the option of opening trust accounts of any size for a very small fee. Under the trust structure, FX client funds are completely protected from broker bankruptcy and fraud. Clients who do not want to set up trust accounts can still enjoy segregated accounts under a third-party administrator structure (another industry first) – this also provides a degree of protection over client funds not afforded by traditional Forex brokerage firms. In today's uncertain world, this peace of mind at the client level can help any IB open accounts much easier, thereby increasing their profitability and chances of succeeding in the FXindustry. Click Here to Get Started.
  • Higher Approval Rate
    The IB market has become very competitive. The clearing firms are becoming more and more selective in the approval process for IBs. Not everyone gets accepted. That's where we come in. Our IB selection process is more flexible in nature, allowing us to accept a wider spectrum of potential IB's who we feel have a good chance to succeed in this business. Therefore, your chances of getting accepted increase dramatically. Click Here to Get Started.
  • Free Training
    If you become an IB through our firm, we will provide you with free training so that you can increase your account closing rate and, therefore, your profitability. We will train you so that you can offer your traders practical strategies as incentives to opening accounts with your firm. This includes the ability to provide live internet based training sessions to your customers as well various other educational materials. Click Here to Get Started.
  • Support from a Wining Organization
    We have helped many individuals and institutions all over the world become successful introducers. From individuals to money managers, we have helped many establish their own IB operation. We can do the same for you. Click Here to Get Started.

    We know what you need to do to succeed and can help you immensely in this respect. Our guidance can become the critical factor that makes your IB business successful. We can save you or your company a lot of money and time by either assuring that your marketing plans are appropriate or putting together a plan of attack that can take you to the next level in this industry. Click Here to Get Started.

    Will you leave your success to chance or will you allow us to show you the best path to take? Click here. to complete our IB form.