Will Beginners Understand the Material in the Training?

So you are a beginner when it comes to forex who has never traded anything in your Life. Don't worry. We know that not everyone that comes to us for training is a day trading master. The training is live with a coach who covers basic as well as advanced concepts. This is not a "One size fits All" training curriculum. On the contrary; it is a program designed to make each student a successful currency trader. Since the training is free and you are under no obligation whatsoever to start trading when you finish your lessons, we have to make sure that the training is GOOD; that you find the it so useful that you are dying to use our other services once your education is over. That is the only way we can make money with you!

So if you are worried because you don't know the difference between a Euro and a Yen, or between a moving average and an arithmetic average, it doesn't matter. We will take you from A to Z in FX if you need it. This is the only way to help a newbie become a profitable trader.