Forecast on Euro and USD – Great Call, But Need Your Help!

We currently provide our market forecasts free for our users, but we have a problem…speed of dissemination.

The charts below for the US Dollar Index (DXY) and the EURUSD pair will make this obvious.

At around 9:41 GMT (London Time), the charts were finished with the appropriate breakout levels drawn. Notice the horizontal red lines indicating where technical price breakouts would be considered significant to take a trade.

When the charts were created, the Dollar Index was hovering around 80.60 and the Euro at 1.3086. The closest breakout levels were 1.3105, to buy the Euro, and 80.56 to sell the Dollar. See the hourly Dollar Index and 4-hour EURUSD charts below.

dollar index DX hourly chart for 01-10-2013

eurusd 4-hour chart for january 10, 2013

So far so good. So what happened?

Unfortunately, less than an hour later and before the charts were added by our tech team to our WordPress blog with all the explanations, the price had already taken off. See the charts below indicating the sell stop (DXH3) and buy stop (Euro) entry points and what the price continued to do after that. In conclusion, it was a perfect day of continual Dollar weakness and Euro strength, exacerbated by the US Unemployment Claims released at 8:30 AM New York time (1:30 PM London time) – but a day that most of our traders could not really take advantage of.

dollar index hourly chart showing dollar strength on 01-10-13 after unemployment

eurusd hourly chart on 01-10-13 showing euro strength after unemployment numbers

But why continue to whine about it? Let's find a solution…

We would like to continue getting these market reports out to you, but need a faster way to do it. We are already discussing potential solutions, but are open to your ideas and suggestions.

Any programmers out there familiar with the task at hand?

These reports would need to appear on this blog, but the goal is to write them in a friendlier and more efficient environment (like email, Facebook, Google+, or another third-party system, etc.) and have them automatically appear in the correct section of the blog.

We are open to suggestions in an attempt to deliver these forecasts in the timeliest manner possible to our fans, so that they can maximize their trading results and analysis.


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