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The Managed FX industry is full of misinformation. This blog section provides general information about this industry and what interested investors can expect from these fast-growing investments. What is a realistic return and level of risk for managed account? How can I participate? All of these questions and more are answered in our blog posts to help you make the most intelligent decision possible as an investor or money manager.

Should Your Money Manager Have a Quick Trigger Finger?

During the last year, the foreign exchange market has been in a constant state of flux. First, the Euro currency gets pummeled due to the ongoing European sovereign debt crisis and potential Greek exit from the Euro Zone. Then EURUSD … Continue reading

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What is an Attractive Return for a Managed Account in FX?

An attractive Managed Account should make investors: A) 10% a Year B) 20% a Year C) 10% a Month D) 20% a Month E) None of the Above What was your answer? The correct answer is (E), "None of the … Continue reading

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