Automated Managed Account Program

automated managed account programThe Automated Managed Account Program was designed and operated by professional money managers with many years of trading and market experience. The Bot program trades your account during open market hours and is designed to take advantage of short-term opportunities in the foreign exchange market. Min: 5,000 USD

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This automated money management service can be combined with other managed programs to add diversification to the entire portfolio. It can also be used as a standalone product by investors and traders, since it already offers a high degree of internal diversification.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Automated Program

Why Automated?

You may ask, “Why make a managed account program that is fully automated?” It is really quite simple. Just think about the last time you flew in a commercial passenger airplane.

Do you think that the pilot steered he plane from takeoff to landing; maneuvering the steering controls with both hands from start to finish? Off course not. Throughout most of the flight, the plane’s automated controls are active. Basically, the plane is flying itself. It is true that the pilot can intervene if there is an emergency and this is one of the important roles that he plays in airline safety – But the reality is that for the great majority of the flight, the computer is better suited to control the airliner. The computer will not fall asleep at the wheel!

The same is true for this managed account. With automation, the account can be traded while the market is open, even during odd market hours. Furthermore, entry and exit trades can be executed a lot faster using automation instead of manual entry. As a result, the program can generally take advantage of much shorter term opportunities than a money manager could by entering the orders manually. Click here to request more information.

What are some Advantages of the Automated Trading Program?  

  • Created and Monitored by Experienced Forex Money Managers
  • Trades your Account while the Market is Open.
  • Increased Diversification – Combining this program with other investments or managed products can increase the overall diversification and profitability of an investor’s portfolio.
  • Not Tied to Traditional Financial Markets – Not tied to stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or real estate. May provide a hedge against other market crashes.
  • Short-Term in Nature

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Who can Benefit by Participating in the Program?

  • Investors that are Considering Managed Forex or Alternative Investments – The managers behind the automated account program are highly experienced.
  • Existing Stock, Futures, or Forex Traders – Traders can benefit from our automated program by using it to diversify some of their trading capital. New traders who are not very comfortable trading with real money can also take full advantage of this program.
  • Institutional Investors – Institutions such as churches, pension funds, hedge funds, etc., who invest in alternative investments can take advantage of the automated managed account program.
  • Introducing Brokers (IBs) – New or existing IBs that would like to offer managed accounts like the Bot program to their customers (find out more).
  • Brokerage Firms – Stock, forex, or futures brokers that would like to offer the program as an additional service to their customers, please contact us.

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