About Forex Day Trading

About Forex Day TradingForex Day Trading includes a team of professionals with extensive practical experience and formal education in the investment and trading industry.

Our vast spectrum of professional experience covers trading and investing, portfolio management, investment consulting, trading system design, risk management, brokerage and education. We have helped many students become knowledgeable in investments and trading and are strongly committed to the education of our customers. For that reason, we provide clients with free training.

Our training program is designed to teach our customers how to trade the FX market.

Whether you are an individual investor who wants to start trading currencies online, a money manager who wants to work with a top-notch firm, or a new or existing IB who wants to offer clients a high quality of execution while enjoying an attractive IB or White Label compensation schedule, we may be able to accommodate you.

When you are ready to give our platform a try, you can sign up for our live, free simulator based on MT4 technology. Our simulator is a fully functional version of the real trading platform. You can start out with a fictitious account balance and have the opportunity to test your current trading skills in the FX market or to learn how to trade with an actual trading system provided by us.

Traders who are successful over time and attain a professional status can be given the opportunity to manage either our own or our investors’ capital thanks to our FastTrack program (click here to learn more).

You can count on us to help you reach any of your objectives in FX. Contact us today.