Free Training

Learn how to trade currencies with our free training.Proper training is crucial. Traders need to have the right preparation and expertise before attempting to trade currencies with real funds.

Our firm puts a lot of emphasis into the training, development and mentoring of our traders.

Our training program was created to teach our clients a step-by-step strategy to trade foreign currencies.

Learn the key to trading Forex successfully. Great for those who want to know how to trade professionally for a living.

Here are the next available dates for our online training sessions:

  • To Be Announced (TBA): Register below and we will notify you when the next webinar is scheduled.

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The times above are the same as the times in the popular countries/regions below:

  • TBA (London, England)
  • TBA (New Delhi, India)
  • TBA (Sydney, Australia)
  • TBA (Lagos, Nigeria)

Time in New York  If your city is not listed above, please compare your local time to the current time in New York and use the time difference to calculate your exact date and times for the Free Webinar.

Who Qualifies for this Training?

Everyone. No qualification is required to participate. All you need to do is to fill out the form to register for the training. Learn more.

What About if You Don’t Want to Trade Your Own Money?
Don’t worry. You can open a robot account with as little as US$10,000 and let it trade your account for you, 24-hours a day, 6 days a week.

If you do want to trade, open an account with $250 or more and receive our powerful trading e-book designed by our professional traders - a practical, step-by-step strategy to trade FX.

This strategy will show you when to enter and exit a trade, how many lots to trade, and how to manage your position from beginning to end. Even though it is not as extensive as our live training, the e-book was designed by our in-house trading team and is very easy to understand.

Who Can Benefit from Our Free Training?

When we designed our training program, we realized that we would not only come across beginners that wanted to learn how to start day trading, but also more experienced traders that already had some stock or futures trading experience. The following list indicates who are some of the people that our training is for:

  • Investors who want to learn how to trade for the first time.
  • Day traders with stock market or futures trading experience that want to give Forex trading a try.
  • Traders or investors who are struggling and want to learn a systematic way to trade currencies.

What Does the Complete Training Program Consist of?

Our hand-son training program is designed to give new and experienced traders alike all the necessary tools to start buying and selling currencies in the foreign exchange market. Some of the topics covered are:

  • Information about how the FX market works and how investors and traders can benefit from it.
  • How to use the trading platform, including:

1. Interpreting Forex quotes and other financial information.

2. Mastering the different types of orders available to buy and sell currencies.

3. Using different charts and technical studies.

  • A step-by-step strategy to trade foreign currencies, which includes:

1. Determining when to enter a trade to buy or sell.

2. Setting and managing stop losses.

3. Using proper money management and risk control.

  • Free e-book with training materials. This will serve as a great reference for traders. The e-book will be emailed to customers.

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